Polly Pocket Wall Party Games Set by Mattel

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  • Polly Pocket Wall Party Games Set by Mattel
  • Polly Pocket Wall Party Games Set by Mattel
  • Polly Pocket Wall Party Games Set by Mattel
Price: $12.03
By: Mattel
Delivery: Casa Magica

What's a day without adventure? Give these precious moments as a gift


This play sets feature safe for walls Command strips from 3M to really elevate play, a suction cup piece count adds even more upside-down fun. All sets can be used to extend play with other sets. The balloon can be moved around Polly doll's wall world with the clouds it hangs from to visit different areas, open it to reveal a picnic area or store items in the top.


  • 2 clouds, Polly doll and picnic piece count


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