Microwave Oven SAMSUNG MG402MADXBB / AP

  • Microwave Oven SAMSUNG MG402MADXBB / AP
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By: Samsung
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Unique Microwave Ovens in the Market with 10 years of Guarantee in its Interior of Enamel Ceramics.
Benefits of the Interior in Ceramics Enamel
What is it?:
- Soft and shiny ceramic similar to porcelain.
-Contains inorganic and non-metallic ingredients that melt at 830 ° C.
-Strong resistant ceramic that withstands daily wear, preventing it from scratching or rusting.
Interior in Enamel Pottery
Its durable and durable finish made of ceramic makes it 7 times more resistant to scratches and corrosion inside. Therefore, you will continue to enjoy your interior as new, even after prolonged use.
High Scratch Resistance
The interior in CERAMIC ANAMEL prevents the development and growth of bacteria, ensuring a more hygienic cooking environment.
Kitchen without Smells
CERAMICS IN ENAMEL does not absorb humidity or odors, so there is no transfer of these to the exterior or to the next cooking.
Luxurious Stainless Steel Design
Stainless steel design that will look great in your kitchen and will adapt very well to your environment. The touch screen design is also an example of elegance and comfort, very easy to use.
ECO Mode
It has the lowest power consumption in the world in Standby mode: you can save up to 40%.
Defrost your Food
It has a unique system that allows you to thaw food quickly and evenly, so that your food is naturally fresh.
Let your Microwave be the Chef
Let your microwave chef SAMSUNG tell you the time and the perfect temperature to obtain an exquisite flavor in your food just by pressing the button of the menu you want.


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